Switch Out Your Mercury Thermostats for an Energy-Saving Programmable Model

Here’s another Genie-tip to help you save energy, and save the planet, too.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, installing a programmable thermostat reduces heating oil and cooling costs by as much a 10% per year, sometimes more. Now there’s a nice little (or big) contribution to that vacation fund!

Here’s how it works. A programmable thermostat will automatically adjust the temperature of your home according to your comfort levels and take into account the energy savings times specified by your utility company. You get to choose the times you want it warmer—like when you’re home, and times it can be cooler—like when everyone is at work or school. To save energy, and cold weather heating oil costs, you would typically want to set up four program periods for each day — two comfort programs (day/evening) and two energy saving programs (work/sleep). And you can set different program settings for weekends, too.

Taking a day off to relax at home? You deserve it! Programmable thermostats not only store multiple daily settings (usually six or more temperature settings a day), but you can easily override them manually without affecting the rest of your weekly program.

Switching out your old mercury thermostat to a programmable model is good for the environment, too. Did you know that one mercury thermostat contains 1,000 times more mercury than one of those new compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs? And did you know that the sale of mercury thermostats is now banned in Maryland? Not only that, disposing of mercury thermostats in the trash is against the law. There’s even a $25,000 fine if you do. Yup. It’s that serious. This is important to know if you’re the handy type and choose to install your new programmable thermostat yourself. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully. To find out how to properly dispose of a mercury thermostat and save yourself a big fine, visit the nonprofit Thermostat Recycling Corporation website at thermostat-recycle.org.

So here’s Genie’s advice: Save yourself some heating oil costs this year and the planet, too, by switching out your mercury thermostat to a much more efficient programmable unit. The energy.gov website says combining that with proper equipment maintenance, recommended insulation, and air sealing, you can cut your energy usage for both heating and cooling—and reduce environmental emissions—from 20% to 50%.

Whoa, aren’t you the green one!

We’re looking out for you at Aladdin Oil.

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