About Us

Aladdin Heating Oil is a local oil company serving central Maryland (MD). We exist to serve the growing number of individuals in Baltimore, Carroll, or Howard County, who don’t want to pay more for extra frills in their home heating oil service. At Aladdin, we have one unique and straightforward mission: to deliver heating oil on your schedule at the lowest price possible.

We provide a simple and secure online ordering process, so you can order heating oil whenever and wherever it’s convenient for you. Aladdin Heating Oil is a fully licensed, bonded, and insured company recognized by the Maryland Department of Transportation. Our fast will call oil delivery system ensures you will receive your delivery within 3 days, excluding weekends and holidays. And because our delivery process is so efficient, our heating oil prices always stay among the lowest in Maryland!

To order, just click Genie’s lamp at the top right of your screen and let him grant your heating oil wishes!



Fun Facts

  • Genie's resume is filled with important first wishes.  Among them are the Grand Canyon, hot dogs, and baseball.  He's an all-American Genie.
  • Genie is our CWG (Chief Wish Granter). His experience with granting wishes is as extensive as it is impressive, dating back thousands of years!
  • Did you know that genies change bottles every so often? Similar to hermit crabs, sometimes they just need some new space. Genie last changed his bottle a few decades ago. He's due.
  • Genie attended high school so long ago, he was the original high school superlative.  He was voted simply "The Best."
  • Fast
  • Easy
  • Affordable