Genie’s Diary – Notes to self for my speech class.

I have been taking continuing education classes recently. So much has changed in the 100s of years I have been living in this bottle. I decided I needed to keep up. My summer class is Speech 101, I am pretty nervous to get up in front of the whole class. They say it helps to write down your thoughts before the big day.

Lucky for me we were able to choose our topic! I still need to jot down my thoughts.

Our customers are not just a number!

But if they were, they’d be number 1, of course. Aladdin Heating Oil has one straightforward mission: to deliver heating oil on our customer’s schedule at the lowest price possible.

Who we serve.

We’re a local company and deliver to all of central Maryland and South Central PA.

Cheap oil prices.

We cut out the frills, (I remember doing that. It was fun!) so we can help customers cut their heating oil expenses.

Testing. Click Genie’s lamp for todays’ heating oil prices. Check. Working like a charm.

Online ordering.

Our easy-to-use, secure online ordering system allows customers to place an order any time of day and from wherever it’s most convenient – relaxing on the deck in slippers, in the bleachers at the kids’ soccer game, or between innings at an Orioles playoff game. (Yes, they can beat those Rays!) Hmmm… I wonder who has ordered from the most unusual place. That would be a good contest next winter. I’ll put that on my calendar.

Licensed, bonded, and insured.

Aladdin Heating Oil is a fully licensed, bonded, and insured company recognized by the Maryland Department of Transportation.

Our drivers.

Our drivers are well-trained, professional and courteous.

And there’s Genie, too!

I’m here with helpful tips and ideas to grant those money saving wishes all year round.

Done. Ready for class! I’ll finish by reminding everybody to bookmark the Aladdin webpage to check on the latest cheap heating oil prices. (Remember to take a bow)

Serving communities in Baltimore County, Carroll County and Howard County in Maryland, Aladdin Heating Oil is committed to providing FAST, AFFORDABLE, ONLINE heating oil service at the lowest prices possible.


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