Genie’s Diary – How Cold Has it Been Compared to Last Year?

So people ask me… “Genie, how cold has it been this winter compared to last winter; and shouldn’t you be wearing a hat, or at least a shirt or something??” This is when I really get a chance to wow them with my vast knowledge of Maryland winter temperatures! I am also really honest and tell them that despite the macho images they see of me on our website, when I’m not hunkered down in my warm lamp, I’m in Carhartts. No one even knows I’m a genie, and I can keep my wish granting focused on providing Fast, Affordable Online Heating Oil Service to Maryland.

But I digress. Genies use Degree Days to measure how cold it’s been. It’s concept we borrowed from the National Weather Service.

What are degree days?  If you have access to a weather forecast and a calculator, you can compute degree days. Let’s start with the assumption that most humans don’t heat their homes unless the average temperature for the day is below 65 degrees F. Given that threshold, the degree days for any given day are the number of degrees below 65 the average temperature actually was.  For example, if yesterday’s average temperature was 10 degrees, which unfortunately it was, yesterday’s degree days were 55. (65 – 10 = 55) So easy!!

Based on cumulative degree days, this season (as of Jan 31, 2015) has been slightly warmer than last season. From Oct 1 2014 – Jan 31 2015, there have been 3,139 degree days, whereas in the same period last winter 2013-2014, there were 3,242 degree days. However, both are colder than the 2012-2013 season, when there were 3,016 degree days. The only month this season that has been colder overall that last season was November 2014, when the degree days were 756 as compared to 711 in 2013.

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