Genie’s Take on Low Heating Oil Prices

Dear Diary,

It is good to see humans enjoying some much-needed relief at the gas pump and in home heating oil prices.  Genies are no exception! (Magic carpets and lamps are not all that energy efficient!)  Low heating oil prices and low gasoline prices, mean more treasure for other things, like curly-toed shoes!  Or maybe I’ll even fill up my treasure chests again. (I think humans call them savings accounts and investments.)

But I’m a little concerned too.  It’s inevitable that when we genies grant wishes for some humans, they don’t turn out that great for other humans, such as those who work on oil rigs or refineries.  Sometimes wishes back-fire altogether.  (You’ve seen my 15th cousin on TV.  Pretty embarrassing, and it’s like he doesn’t even care.  Well, I DO! )

Unfortunately, there are also some things genies cannot control, like high oil reserves and inventories.  Because there are only so many places to store oil and gasoline, oil production slows down.  And that can hurt a whole “lamphood” of genies and their humans.  Somewhere in the middle would probably be a good place for prices to settle.

I don’t care for bull or bears too much, but apparently some pretty smart humans (called analysts) say they have something to do with heating oil and gasoline prices.  I’m jotting them down some things they say are going on now:

“Bearish” factors that put downward pressure on oil prices include:
◾High U.S. oil inventories.
◾The International Monetary Fund has lowered its economic growth forecast for 2015. Slower economies contribute to lower demand and increased supply.
◾OPEC is expected to increase exports, keeping supplies high.

“Bullish” factors that put upward pressure on oil prices include:
◾The International Energy Agency dropped its forecast for non-OPEC supply growth for the year.
◾U.S. oil producers idled 94 oil rigs during the last week of January 2015. This is the biggest 1-week drop since 1987.
◾Some U.S. refinery employees have gone on strike pending contract negotiations.

I’m a genie, not a fortune teller.  Therefore, I don’t know if or when heating oil prices will increase or decrease, or even if the lowest heating oil prices in Baltimore County MD, Carroll County MD, Howard County MD have already occurred. What I DO know is Aladdin Heating Oil offers fastest, easiest way to order heating oil online!  That’s a wish I can grant, and that makes me happy!

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