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Thinking of Converting Your Oil Furnace to Natural Gas?

Over the years, your favorite Genie has found that spring is often the time many people look at what they spent on heating oil over the winter and think about saving money by converting to a different type of heating, like converting an oil furnace to natural gas. If you are one of them, and
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Degree days, how much oil do you use?

Grab your cell phone. (I’m sure it has a calculator, right?) We’re going to calculate degree days. What are they? Well, years ago heating engineers wanted a way to relate each day’s temperatures to the demand for fuel to heat buildings, so they developed the concept of heating degree days (HDD). Very simply, heating degree
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Genie’s Diary: National Tape Measure Day

Dear diary, Finally! The tape measure gets its due. It’s National Tape Measure Day today. I just love my trusty tape measure. Those Romans, were they smart or what?! They had tape measures 2,000 years ago. Of course, they were long ropes with evenly spaced knots as I recall. They were helpful, but they sure
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Why Choose Oil Heat?

  Genie’s got your answer! It’s safe, efficient and affordable. Home Heating Oil is one of the safest fuels available. It’s non-toxic, biodegradable, contains no carcinogens and it’s non-explosive. Did you know that a match dropped into a bucket of heating oil will just go out? Yup. That’s a relief! And, if you do happen
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Hey Genie, where does heating oil come from anyway?

Another great question! Well, two million years ago… no, no. You already know heating oil starts out as crude oil, of course. But did you know that we get crude oil form 31 different states right here in the US?? Almost 2/3 of our supply comes from five states – Texas, North Dakota, California, Alaska,
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Is heating oil really clean burning, genie?

Yes it is! I’m glad you asked. Over the years, your Genie has been happy to see many innovations that have revolutionized heating oil technology, making home heating oil a very efficient, clean burning energy source. New technology called Clearburn Science has made it 95% more efficient than it was just 25 years ago. As
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Hey Genie, how does heating oil sludge get into my tank?

  Good question! Sludge, sometimes I just call it gunk. Officially it’s heating oil “tank sludge” and can come from a number of sources, none of them good for your heating system. It can lead to inefficient burning for one thing, or even cause a complete breakdown of your heating system. Not good. Both will
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