Will-Call Heating Oil: Make the right call!

The right way to deliver home heating oil is the way that works best for you. Will-Call oil delivery is the perfect way to put your comfort and heating oil budget right where it belongs — in your hands. While Automatic Delivery may be convenient for some, others prefer to play a greater role in controlling their heating oil deliveries and choose the Will-Call method.

Comparing Automatic to Will-Call Delivery

Automatic Delivery – Right for Some People

  • Automatic Delivery is just that – automatic. Weather conditions and your historical heating oil usage are evaluated by your fuel oil company to determine when you should receive your next heating oil delivery.
  • Automatic delivery works for people who prefer the convenience of not having to monitor their oil tank level, shop for the best heating oil price, or go through the steps to order heating oil.
  • Automatic Delivery requires that you trust your heating oil company both for reliable heating oil delivery and fair heating oil prices.

Will Call – Great for DIY Personalities

  • Very simply, Will Call Heating Oil Delivery means that you “will call” or order heating oil when you need it. With Aladdin Heating Oil, there are no phone calls to make – you check heating oil prices and place your order all online!
  • Will call delivery requires that you check your heating oil tank gauge frequently. We recommend setting up a schedule of reminders that works for you.
  • With Will Call heating oil delivery, it’s important to order your heating oil delivery before your oil tank gets too low. You know what is right for you, but ordering at or near a quarter tank is a good rule of thumb for most people. Aladdin Heating Oil will usually deliver your heating oil within 3 days, excluding weekends and holidays.
  • Aladdin’s tiered pricing gives you a better will call heating oil price when ordering 150 gallons or more. But you can also order as little as 75 gallons. You’re in charge!
  • In most cases, customers do not have to be home to take a will call heating oil delivery. This is entirely up to you depending on the accessibility of your fill pipe. Use the comments section with your online order to give a heads-up on any special instructions regarding your property.

Here’s a chart that can help you know how many gallons to order on your next Aladdin Heating Oil delivery.

Supply Remaining in
275-Gallon Tank
Approximate gallons to fill tank
1/4 Full 180
1/2 Full 125
3/4 Full 60


Aladdin Heating Oil’s efficient Will Call Oil delivery system ensures your heating oil delivery arrives within 3 days, excluding weekends and holidays. In addition, Aladdin’s simple online approach to ordering heating oil means you get the best home heating oil prices in Maryland!

Whether you order your home heating oil from your mobile device or your desktop computer, your transaction is always easy and secure. Just tell us how many gallons you’d like and Aladdin will take it from there. Like your favorite Genie always says, your wish is our command!