Why Choose Oil Heat?


Genie’s got your answer! It’s safe, efficient and affordable.

Home Heating Oil is one of the safest fuels available. It’s non-toxic, biodegradable, contains no carcinogens and it’s non-explosive. Did you know that a match dropped into a bucket of heating oil will just go out? Yup. That’s a relief! And, if you do happen to breathe any heating oil fumes, they’re non-toxic and won’t hurt you.

Efficiency is another outstanding characteristic of home heating oil. Most modern oil-fired heating systems have efficiency ratings over 90%. That means that over 90 cents of every dollar you spend on home heating oil is actually going to heating your home. And many heating systems now bear the Energy Star label, signifying they are technologically advanced and clean burning. In fact, today’s home heating oil burns so cleanly, there are no clean air regulations for burning it. The little soot that is created goes right up the chimney and leaves the house. No scrubbing necessary. Save that elbow grease for something fun!

Genie cleaning tip: If you do notice any streaks on the surfaces above your heating vents, it’s most likely common household dust that has been baked onto your walls. To prevent this, be sure to clean around baseboards, vents or radiators, especially during the heating season.

As for generating heat, every gallon of oil burned generates a massive 138,000 Btu’s. Of course, the amount of heat your home receives depends on the efficiency of your heating system.

And home heating oil is affordable. Like other commodities traded on the open market, heating oil prices will go up and down. For example, heating oil prices dropped from $4.14 in March of 2014 to $2.95 in March of 2015. Here are some other interesting numbers for you. According to the U.S. Department of Energy and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in a recent 5 year period, the price of home heating oil rose 17% while the price of your coffee rose 40% and home prices 41%. Hmmmm…Genie was planning on cutting back on caffeine any way.

So, is heating oil a good choice? Yes! It keeps your home warm while keeping your family safe. And with a 90-95% efficiency rating, more of your heating dollars are working for you. Prices go up and down, but technological advances have worked to keep home heating oil affordable for you and your budget.

Okay, that’s it for Genie’s summer school class today. Just keeping you up to date so you can make better decisions. Now get outside and romp!

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