Hey Genie, how do I know if I’m out of heating oil?

Thank you for asking! It’s understandable that you’re curious about whether or not your heating oil will make it through the colder months.

While I wish my magic ball had one answer for you, unfortunately, the answer is that it depends! Just like every car uses a different amount of gasoline over the course of a week, every home needs a different amount of heating oil to make it through the winter. The age and condition of your furnace, square footage of your home, setting on the room thermostat, temperatures, weather conditions and energy-efficiency of your home will all affect the amount of home heating oil you will need.

My advice is to always be cautious so that your level never falls below 30 gallons. You never want to deplete your tank in the middle of a cold winter’s night! I checked my magic ball to show you a forecast of how long the average Maryland home will take to use up 25 gallons of home heating oil.

heating oil gallons

Regardless of how much heating oil you need for the winter, remember that the Aladdin team of Genies is committed to providing your family with fast and affordable online heating oil service at the most competitive prices.


Aladdin Heating Oil cares about its customers. We deliver safe, clean-burning heating oil to your home when you need it, serving communities in Baltimore County, Carroll County and Howard County in Maryland and Littlestown, Pennsylvania.

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