Genie’s Blizzard Tips

Dear Diary, there’s a blizzard coming, even though so many people have been wishing for a mild winter.  They’ve been telling me for centuries that wishes have a limited affect on the weather, love, and all that stuff, but I still feel bad.  I’m sure some people have been wishing for snow though.  And heating oil prices in md are low, which as GREAT!

If anyone finds this diary post… I’d like to share these important delivery reminders with you:

  1. Bad weather can sometimes impact our ability to deliver within 3 business days, and that is likely to be the case with this storm, that they’ve named… “Jonas.”  If you are concerned about your fuel level, please follow this link to estimate how long your oil will last . In a pinch (but before the storm), you can put kerosene or diesel fuel in your oil tank, and your system will run fine.  Make sure to use a new can or one used only for the specific product you purchase.
  2. Once the storm clears, please be sure your driveway is cleared 10 feet wide to accommodate the delivery truck when it arrives.  We also ask that you clear a path to your fill location. The path doesn’t need to be perfect, just something reasonable to give the driver safe access.  It can be very difficult to reach some fill pipes in deep snow, and that can affect our ability to serve you.
  3. If you are in need of a delivery, place your order as soon as possible to help ensure that your delivery arrives as soon as we can get a truck to you.

But most of all… please stay safe!  And of course, make sure you have plenty of snacks, puzzles, games, and movies on hand so that you can make the most of this mini hibernation!


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