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Our tiered pricing structure lets you choose the size and cost of your heating oil deliveries!  You’ll get our best heating oil prices when you order 150 gallons of heating oil or more.  But if smaller deliveries are better for you, you can order as little as 75 gallons.  Genie puts you in control of your heating oil costs!

Ruby75-149 gallons (low price)
Emerald150-299 gallons (lower price)
Sapphire300+ gallons (lowest price)



  • You only pay for the fuel we deliver to your tank.
  • If your actual delivery puts you in a different pricing tier, your credit card refund will be adjusted to reflect the final cost of your delivery at the new tier.
  • If your tank takes fewer than 75 gallons, your final cost will be adjusted to 75 gallons at the Ruby pricing tier.
  • We will not deliver more heating oil than you order.

Genie wants to give you a good deal!  To avoid the inconvenience of refunds or paying more for your delivery than you expected, please order a quantity of oil you are confident your tank will accept.

Since Genie cannot pump oil out of a tank, all deliveries are final.


Genie grants your heating oil wishes!


This is the best oil company I have ever dealt with!

Robb W

Fun Facts

  • Genie has an extensive playlist.  Among his favorite songs are: Time in a Bottle, by Jim Croce; Message in a Bottle, by The Police; and of course... Genie in a Bottle, by Christina Aguilera.
  • Did you know genies require very little sleep and are able to grant wishes 24/7?  And even though ancient laws specifically forbid genies from driving at night, they are happy to process your Orders and Price Request wishes 24/7!  They have quite a work ethic!
  • Genie's resume is filled with important first wishes.  Among them are the Grand Canyon, hot dogs, and baseball.  He's an all-American Genie.
  • Genie is our CWG (Chief Wish Granter). His experience with granting wishes is as extensive as it is impressive, dating back thousands of years!
  • Did you know that genies change bottles every so often? Similar to hermit crabs, sometimes they just need more space. Genie last changed his bottle a few decades ago. He's due.
  • Genie attended high school so long ago, he was the original high school superlative.  He was voted simply, "The Best."
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