Hey Genie, will spring ever get here?

I’ve been asked that a lot this year! Here’s what I know. March was in like a lion, brrr. And now it’s going out like a wet lamb. Have your umbrella handy for the rest of the month. So what’s next?

Well, April and May will be warmer and generally drier than historical averages, with May much warmer than April. And the same holds true for this summer – hotter and drier weather on tap. Yep. Genie reads the Old Farmer’s Almanac, too.

So what does this mean for your oil tank?

Well, even a warmer April will average only about 53 or 54 degrees outside, so you may want some heat on those cool rainy nights. And going into the summer, it’s generally a good idea to keep your tank at least 75% full to prevent water condensation which may cause poorer performance. As the warmer summer temperatures arrive, I know you may not want another delivery. That’s why I put you in charge! Order online when you want your autumn delivery. But remember, if you heat your hot water with oil, keep an eye on your heating oil tank. Even we, genies, prefer hot showers in the summer!

Thinking warmer thoughts already?

Think conservation. The upcoming warmer months are a good time to get a jump on next winter. Check out the seal around your windows and door frames, and caulk any drafty areas. And add or replace worn door sweeps on exterior doors. Seal openings in exterior walls with caulk or expanding foam where pipes, electrical lines and exhaust vents penetrate. Have your attic insulation inspected and add more if you have too little, or if your insulation is in poor condition. These small changes may also help keep your home cool this summer.

Don’t mistake me for a fortune teller. I’m just a Genie, but I do know this, no matter when spring arrives, or if this summer is warmer, cooler, sunnier, or cloudier than last year, now is a good time to plan ahead. Don’t leave your oil tank less than 75% full. Put a reminder on your task list to order your next delivery. And fix those energy wasting leaks!

I’m singing in the rain, just singing in the rain, what a glorious feelin…

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