Hey Genie, where does heating oil come from anyway?

Another great question!

Well, two million years ago… no, no. You already know heating oil starts out as crude oil, of course. But did you know that we get crude oil form 31 different states right here in the US?? Almost 2/3 of our supply comes from five states – Texas, North Dakota, California, Alaska, and Oklahoma. The largest amount comes from Texas (naturally), about 37%. We also get 16% of our crude oil supply from the Gulf of Mexico That crude then goes through the refining process to make it suitable for atomizing and burning in your home heating system. That, too, can be done right here, or overseas. While we do import some heating oil, Canada is our largest supplier, we refine about 85% of our own supply right here in America.

Sometimes you’ll hear home heating oil referred to as a distillate product, which means it’s sort of a “byproduct” that comes from making other fuel products, like diesel fuel for instance. This is important to know because it plays a part in the supply and demand cycle. When the refineries ramp up to boost supplies for the winter heating season, in the process, they also end up with larger supplies of other fuel products that they must sell, too. So when the demand for those other refined fuel products slows, which it does in the winter, the production of home heating oil must slow down as well because there just isn’t any place to put it.

And here’s some good news for you. By 2020, according to the International Energy Agency, the United States will become the world’s largest home heating oil producer as new exploration technologies are helping us find more resources right here at home. The same organization also predicted that the increase in heating oil production along with more efficient use of energy, will allow the United States, which now imports about 20 percent of its energy, to become nearly self-sufficient around 2035.

There you have it, out of the ground and into your tank. At Aladdin, we do everything we can to make your home heating oil system as efficient as possible and save you money for the fun stuff in life. Now get out there and play!

Serving communities in Baltimore County, Carroll County and Howard County in Maryland, Aladdin Heating Oil is committed to providing FAST, AFFORDABLE, ONLINE heating oil service at the lowest prices possible.



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