Genie’s Diary – Puppy-Gates and Google-Plus

Date 04/07/2015

Boy, are puppies rambunctious! But at least she has a name now — Razzi, which is short for Scheherazade, and a whole lot easier to say — even for articulate genies, like me! (Shout-out to the human who submitted Razzi’s name on our website!)

Anyway, I just finished putting in my new dog fence. What a job! But after the long winter Razzi was feeling pretty cooped up in our lamp. Now, I can just open my secret back door and out she goes. Now I don’t have to worrying about her wandering off or bothering the neighbors, even though she would just want to kiss ‘n’ play anyway.

That reminds me, I better remember to let my Aladdin drivers know that Razzi’s friendly, and to keep the gate closed while they deliver my heating oil. Otherwise I’ll be chasing her down the street on my magic carpet, and that creates a little more attention than I like! Did you know there’s a place to include special delivery instructions on the web page where I place my order? That’s the best way to let the Aladdin driver know about these types of things, especially if you have a horse, emu, crocodile, or anything less friendly than my sweet little Razzi.

Speaking of attracting attention… we do love it when Aladdin Heating Oil customers tell us how much they like our low heating oil prices and fast heating oil delivery! A great place to share positive feedback about Aladdin Heating Oil is on our Google+ page! But, if for some reason, you have not been completely satisfied, would you please contact us directly by phone at 410-876-5800 or email, so that we can work together to resolve any concerns you may have? We promise we will do everything we can to make you happy! (It won’t even use up any wishes!!)

Well, I guess that’s all for now. Razzi?? Oops! Did I leave the gate open?? Oh no…


Serving communities in Baltimore County, Carroll County and Howard County in Maryland, Aladdin Heating Oil is committed to providing FAST, AFFORDABLE, ONLINE heating oil service at the lowest prices possible.

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