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Genie’s Diary Entry: January 15, 2015

Dear Diary, How about these heating oil prices??  I’ve never seen prices drop this steadily!  Everywhere you look, oil prices are falling.  It reminds me of the time in Genie school when they first gave us our magic carpets.  Staying on those things isn’t as easy as experienced genies make it look. I decided on
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December 30, 2014

Dear Diary, Sorry I haven’t talked to you in a while.  Busy busy busy.  I’ll try to find more time to write. It’s almost a new year!  Another year in the books doing what I love: delivering heating oil to the good folks of Central Maryland.  I still get those excited butterflies in my stomach
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Genie’s Diary

Dear Diary, Today I unscrewed the cap on the salt shaker in the office kitchen.  No one has used the salt shaker.  Pretty disappointed.  Tomorrow, the pepper shaker gets a turn. Do you think I should get a puppy?  It would limit living space in the bottle, but boy are they cute!  Guess I could
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