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Genie’s Summer Break

Wow, it’s been a while since my last diary entry!  Once winter started winding down, and my fellow genies and I weren’t so busy, my diary kind went into the dungeon.  Anyway, after a long HOT summer, we sure are looking forward to doing what we do best: granting heating oil wishes! The three  we’re
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Genie’s Blizzard Tips

Dear Diary, there’s a blizzard coming, even though so many people have been wishing for a mild winter.  They’ve been telling me for centuries that wishes have a limited affect on the weather, love, and all that stuff, but I still feel bad.  I’m sure some people have been wishing for snow though.  And heating oil
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Genie’s Diary, Heating Oil Tank

Dear diary, What a weekend we had! Seventy degrees. Sunny. And warm. Is it really December? Well, we can all appreciate the savings to our heating oil budget. The recent weather has been pretty easy on the ole heating oil tank. Speaking of tanks, I know this time of year a lot of people start
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Genie’s Diary, November 3, 2015

Dear Diary, The weather’s changing! Getting cooler at night now. That means bringing the plants in from the deck, firing up the furnace, and budgeting for the winter’s heating oil. I already reminded everybody to have their furnace inspected. I hope they did, because we already had our first freeze warning over the weekend. And
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Genie’s Diary

Dear Diary, Just got back from a picnic on the beach. Lots of sun, sand and thankfully, NO sharks! Think I’ll go online tonight and see if I get some O’s tickets for this weekend. Should be an easy series. They’re playing the last place A’s. Hey, the O’s against the A’s. How about that!?
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Genie’s Take on Low Heating Oil Prices

Dear Diary, It is good to see humans enjoying some much-needed relief at the gas pump and in home heating oil prices.  Genies are no exception! (Magic carpets and lamps are not all that energy efficient!)  Low heating oil prices and low gasoline prices, mean more treasure for other things, like curly-toed shoes!  Or maybe I’ll even fill up
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