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Cold Temperatures Raise Oil Consumption

Cold spells can really jack up your heating oil consumption.  The current frigid temperatures we’re feeling will make your furnace work much harder than it did in December.  The good news is that heating oil prices are down right now.  And Aladdin offers some of the lowest heating oil prices in Maryland!  If you think
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Now’s the Time to Order Heating Oil!

We always offer some of the lowest heating oil prices in Maryland. But heating oil prices across the board have dropped so low that now is the time to fill your tank!  Last year, many heating oil consumers paid over $4.00 per gallon.  Now, consumers are finding prices under $3.00 per gallon.  So if you haven’t
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Happy New Year!

At the close of a calendar year, we believe it’s a good idea to reflect on the past 12 months.  And we’d just like to say: We appreciate your business!  We can’t say it enough.  Genie looks forward to seeing you more in 2015!  In the meantime, take advantage of some of the lowest heating
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Merry Christmas from Aladdin Heating Oil

We’re preparing for Christmas here at Aladdin Heating Oil.  Most of us enjoy this time of year.  Genie, well, he’s a little bit miffed by Santa and his monopoly on wishes.  He can be heard muttering from his oil lamp office.  We’ve overheard such things as “A wish list? A wish list?! There’s only three
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Make Aladdin your Heating Oil Company this Season

Believe it or not- Winter is Coming! It’s true!  It may be warm out now, but we all know that the calendar flicks into hyper-speed this time of year—much like Genie on his treadmill (it really is quite impressive.  How else do you think he stays in such great shape?) Yes, cool evenings will soon
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Let Us Know What You Think!

We’re always trying to improve our process to make sure Aladdin’s heating oil delivery is the fastest, easiest, and most affordable in Maryland.  We can’t do that without your help!  We’d like to get your feedback, both positive and critical.  We’re tough, we can take it.  Our goal is to provide fast, easy, affordable heating oil
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Secret to Fast Heating Oil Delivery

People have been wondering: Just how does Aladdin Heating Oil deliver so fast? Genie’s Magic Carpet of course!  Well—maybe not.  While his magic carpet has been known to break speed records, we’re pretty sure the Department of Transportation would have something to say about us using it for oil delivery. The truth is, Aladdin Heating
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