Hey Genie, when should I place my heating oil delivery?

How do I know when to order heating oil delivery? How much heating oil is in my tank? We Genie’s get asked these questions all the time – and that’s why we blog!

If you follow our blogs, you already know that a heating oil delivery at the end of the heating oil season is recommended to prevent condensation from building in the tank between seasons.

But let’s say you didn’t.  Our best advice is to check the heating oil levels now and order heating oil delivery when your tank gauge reads 1/4 full.  This usually means there is approximately 60 gallons of heating oil in your tank (based on an average tank size of 275 gallons). We do not recommend letting a tank go below ¼. If a cold snap were to occur and heating oil consumption went up, you could run out of oil. If you run out of oil before you receive your heating oil delivery, your boiler or furnace will need to be re-started, and could end up costing you more money.

You do not have to know magic or be a Genie to determine oil levels! Perhaps you are unsure about the accuracy or the gauge or recently purchased the home and want to be certain. If that is the case, we suggest the following:

Most heating fuel tanks have a heating oil gauge that helps determine the fuel levels in your tank. If the gauge is not reliable, you can determine the amount of heating oil in the tank by measuring the volume of oil inside the tank.

How do I measure the oil level manually?

We recommend using a clean, long, straight stick to insert in the tank (much like checking your cars oil level) We Genie’s recommend a yard stick. Tank capacity, dividing by the height the tank and multiplying the result by the inches in your tank.  For example, if you have a 275-gallon tank that is 36″ high and has 28″ of oil remaining in the tank, you would do the following:

*275Gallons / 36″ = 7.639 gallons /28”

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