A good time to top off my heating oil tank

Hey Genie, is the end of the season a good time to top off my heating oil tank? Yes! In fact we encourage it! Not because we want you to buy more oil than you need, but because it helps protect your tank and heating oil system over the summer. Why is that?


As outside temperatures heat up, oil tanks experience greater temperature fluctuations, which can cause condensation to accumulate inside your tank. However, the more oil there is in your tank, the less surface area there is for condensation to form! Outside tanks that take direct sunlight are especially prone to condensation.

Why is condensation bad? Condensation is water, and being denser than oil, the water settles at the bottom of your tank. Somehow, tiny micro-organisms find their way into things, even oil tanks. These organisms live in the water, and as they die, they create sediment, which can clog the fuel lines and burner nozzle. This will cause the system to operate very inefficiently, or even fail. A repair bill usually follows, if you get my drift.

Sediment also has a corrosive effect on a tank. The sediment still contains water, and of course that causes the tank to rust from the inside out. This can seriously weaken the tank. One gallon of heating oil weighs approximately 7 pounds per gallon. Therefore, a minimum delivery of 75 gallons will weigh 525 pounds. Three words… don’t risk it! An extra heating oil delivery at the end of the season is probably worth it to help minimize condensation. And the oil will still be good the following season.


Hooray! Another reason to fill your heating oil tank now is low heating oil prices! Who knows how long this will last, so get it while it’s low! And while Genies can’t predict oil prices, this Genie, in particular, works tirelessly to give you a low heating oil price in Maryland.


Is your heating oil tank in the basement? Since it doesn’t experience the extreme temperature fluctuations that an outside tank does, it probably isn’t necessary to top off your basement heating oil tank for the summer. We do suggest that you run a dehumidifier to prevent rust from forming on the outside of your tank, however! This is will help prevent rust and mold from forming on other items in your basement as well.


Speaking of heating oil tanks, if it’s time to replace your heating oil tank, NORA (National Oilheat Research Alliance) is offering a $250 rebate on oil tank replacements, starting March 1, 2016. This rebate is being offered the heating oil consumers in Maryland and Delaware until all of the funds have been used. It’s hard to find information about this online. Please contact us if you need to be referred to a company that can replace your heating oil tank.

Your favorite Genie always has your answers. And Aladdin Heating Oil has you covered. We deliver you the lowest priced heating oil possible and do it on your schedule. Order online today and don’t think about it again until the leaves start to change! Hmmm…is that a tulip I see?

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