Will my heating oil last through the season?

Will my heating oil last through the season? Genie’s honest answer – Probably not. Remember the winters of 2010 and 2003? The worst storms hit us in February back then and the prospects are good they’ll do the same this year. But even if they don’t, there’s still plenty of cold weather in store for us, no matter what that groundhog said (Even though I hope he’s right!). El Nino is still raising havoc on the other coast and that makes our weather a little more unpredictable. So don’t get caught short on heating oil for your home this year.

Luckily, Maryland home heating oil prices have been pretty low this winter. (We always do our best here at Aladdin Heating Oil.) It looks like they’ll hold fairly steady for the foreseeable future as well, but you never know what may happen to change that. Of course, you can always rely on your favorite Genie here at Aladdin to guarantee its will call heating oil prices are the cheapest possible. Cheap home heating oil is our specialty!

Here’s a Genie suggestion for you, good for the rest of the season. Check your fuel oil tank gauge often. Know how much fuel you have well before the next storm hits. And if you need oil, just visit me at www.aladdinheatingoil.com click Get Price or Order Now as early as possible to order heating oil online and have delivered within 3 days, excluding most weekends and holidays. By combining secure online ordering, fast delivery, and low prices, Aladdin puts you back in control of your home heating oil service to keep that oil tank gauge at the best level for your family’s comfort and security. So, like we learned back in Boy Scouts – be prepared.

And if we do get another winter storm like Jonas (or any other storm with a name), here are some things to do afterward to be certain you can get your oil tank filled.

  • be sure your drivewayis cleared at least 10 feet for our truck
  • clear a footpath to your fill location – it does not need to be perfect, just reasonable for our driver to safely access your fill location.
  • mark your fill pipeas needed – make sure it’s visible

At Aladdin, we have one unique and straightforward mission: to deliver home heating oil on your schedule at the lowest price possible. Check out today’s low prices now!

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