Genie’s Summer Break

Wow, it’s been a while since my last diary entry!  Once winter started winding down, and my fellow genies and I weren’t so busy, my diary kind went into the dungeon.  Anyway, after a long HOT summer, we sure are looking forward to doing what we do best: granting heating oil wishes! The three  we’re best at are:

  1. LOW heating oil prices
  2. FAST heating oil delivery
  3. EASY online ordering.

It sure helps that heating oil prices are expected to remain stable this winter.  But please remember, we genies are not able to control the price of crude oil, which greatly impacts our heating oil prices.  But by running a tight carpet, we are able to keep our costs low and offer you the lowest heating oil prices possible.

We have also have not been too successful at controlling to weather, although we’ve had our moments.  The colder it is, the higher the demand for heating oil.  Therefore, if you have room in your heating oil tank, now might be a good time to order a delivery and take advantage of today’s low heating oil prices.

That’s all for now!  We look forward to serving you this season!

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