Genie’s Diary: National Tape Measure Day

Dear diary,

Finally! The tape measure gets its due. It’s National Tape Measure Day today.

I just love my trusty tape measure. Those Romans, were they smart or what?! They had tape measures 2,000 years ago. Of course, they were long ropes with evenly spaced knots as I recall. They were helpful, but they sure didn’t fit in your pocket. Ahhh, the good ol’ days.

They also invented central heating, too. I’m sure glad to see the improvements in that over the years. No more wood fires under a marble floor. Nowadays, home heating oil is so much more efficient. In fact, it produces more heat per BTU than any other fuel source. And my new oil burning furnace was even cheaper than the natural gas model, too. I’ll have to send my friend Bob Vila a thank you note for that help! And a big thank you to Aladdin Heating Oil, too, for their always cheap heating oil prices. They have saved me time and money with their 24-hour online ordering system. If only the Romans could see that today! Yep, progress is a good thing!

Now let’s see what my trusty tape measure says here. Okay, this doorway is 42 inches wide. That should be enough to get my old water heater through when my new tankless model arrives. I wonder if the Romans thought of that? I’ll just ask Google before I turn in.

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