Genie’s Diary

Dear Diary,

Just got back from a picnic on the beach. Lots of sun, sand and thankfully, NO sharks! Think I’ll go online tonight and see if I get some O’s tickets for this weekend. Should be an easy series. They’re playing the last place A’s. Hey, the O’s against the A’s. How about that!? Maybe I’ll just tell Mr. Showalter to get out the broom for a 4-game sweep. Oops. I keep forgetting that baseball is on that stupid list of things genies can’t meddle with any more, like love and oil prices. I sure wish that genie board would stop making up new regulations. It’s starting to take some of the fun out of being a genie! But I still have fast, affordable, online heating oil service covered. In fact, before they make any new regs, I’m going to make a limited time offer where all three of those wishes only count as one. So there, genie board!

Looked in the mailbox today, and OMG! It was full of back-to-school ads. Where did summer go? I haven’t eaten a dozen hot dogs yet. Uh, well maybe I have. But I’m only working on my second, okay, my third dozen…I think. And I’d still like another helping (or six) of Princess Jasmine’s Macaroni salad. Yum! She makes the best. I think I’ll check the regulations again and see if I can’t slow things down just a bit. After all, I still have another 19 flavors of ice cream left to try, too. On the other hand, I suppose I probably should cut back on the fun foods and get back to my workout routine anyway. I’m probably pushing the weight limit for my classic model magic carpet by now.

Okay. Okay, guess I’ll start going back to the gym again. I hope they remember me. Hmm…I think I need new sneakers though, not to mention bigger workout shorts. Hey! The Maryland tax-free weekend is coming up. Thank goodness! No taxes on shoes and clothes from the 11th to the 17th again this year. Whoa, that’s a 6 per cent savings right there. I can pick up a few new outfits at that rate.

Well, one good thing about autumn coming is the beautiful Maryland countryside. I just love cruising through the back country admiring the fall foliage and scaring the cows. Which reminds me, I better have that carpet checked out before heating oil delivery season gets here. Wouldn’t want to miss a chance to help, even though they haven’t needed any magic to deliver our affordable heating oil on time so far.

Let’s see, will it be butter pecan or black raspberry tonight? Decisions, decisions.

Aladdin –

Serving communities in Baltimore County, Carroll County and Howard County in Maryland, Aladdin Heating Oil is committed to providing FAST, AFFORDABLE, ONLINE heating oil service at the lowest prices possible.

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