Farmer’s Almanac Winter Forecast

Get your snow shovel ready. Cold, wet winter predicted. That’s what the Old Farmer’s Almanac winter forecast says for the winter of 2015-16, and their reputation is pretty good. Even your favorite Genie is amazed! So, how do they predict what the weather will be so far out you ask? Good question. According to their
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Discount vs. Full Service

Just got back from dog-walking with Razzi. He has quite the sniffer! I wish he could sniff out a good deal on a bocce ball set. I kinda got hooked on the game this summer. Well summer is fleeting fast and you won’t need Razzi’s help to sniff out a good deal on affordable home
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Genie’s Diary

Dear Diary, Just got back from a picnic on the beach. Lots of sun, sand and thankfully, NO sharks! Think I’ll go online tonight and see if I get some O’s tickets for this weekend. Should be an easy series. They’re playing the last place A’s. Hey, the O’s against the A’s. How about that!?
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Low Heating Oil Prices

Whoa! Your favorite Genie just checked Maryland home heating oil prices from Aladdin Oil today…and they are really low! When I visited the U.S. Energy Information Administration site towards the end of last winter, heating oil was averaging $2.99 per gallon. Take a look at Aladdin’s prices now! Order                                         Price 75 – 149 gallons
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