Does my heating oil tank need maintenance?

Great question! Your favorite Genie’s here to give you the lowdown. When you really think about it, your heating oil storage tank is an integral part of your heating system and plays a major role in your family’s safety, comfort during the heating season. And with just a little attention and care, your heating oil tank
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Genie’s Diary, Heating Oil Tank

Dear diary, What a weekend we had! Seventy degrees. Sunny. And warm. Is it really December? Well, we can all appreciate the savings to our heating oil budget. The recent weather has been pretty easy on the ole heating oil tank. Speaking of tanks, I know this time of year a lot of people start
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Hey Genie, what’s the best fuel for heating my home?

Well, that depends on several factors. Some things to consider when selecting the best fuel and heating system most suited for your needs include: fuel cost comfort availability environmental impact FUEL COST The best way to look at fuel costs is to compare them based on two things: their heat content and the efficiency with which
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Sniff, Sniff. Do I Smell Oil?

If you have an oil heated home, you may smell oil from time-to-time. Genie’s got the low-down. First the good news! Home heating oil fumes are non-toxic and pose very little immediate risk to your family and home. Heating oil is biodegradable, contains no carcinogens and is extremely stable. In fact, heating oil will only
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Genie’s Diary, November 3, 2015

Dear Diary, The weather’s changing! Getting cooler at night now. That means bringing the plants in from the deck, firing up the furnace, and budgeting for the winter’s heating oil. I already reminded everybody to have their furnace inspected. I hope they did, because we already had our first freeze warning over the weekend. And
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How Much Heating Oil is in My Tank?

Have you ever wondered, “How much heating oil is in my tank?”  Well you’re in luck. Your favorite Genie is here to help. And no abacus…oops, I mean calculator…necessary! You can just use the helpful tables below to get the answers you need! Size Matters So let’s take a look at tank size for starters.
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Heating Oil Tank Maintenance

Yes, hurricane Joaquin missed us, but there’s one thing you can count on…the fall heating season is just around the corner. And we already got the only warning we’re going to get – we turned the calendar page to October. (Go ahead and check that one on the refrigerator door. Genie will wait. Lol.) So,
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How Much Heating Oil Do I Need?

How Much Heating Oil Do I Need? How much heating oil do I need, and how long will it last? The answer depends on two factors:  the size of your heating oil tank and outdoor temperatures.  Let’s assume you have a standard 275 gallon tank that is less than 1/4 full.  Your oil tank could
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Don’t touch that Thermostat!

Don’t forget to change your calendar today. Yes, it’s September and fall is creeping up on us. There are still plenty of warm days ahead according to the almanac, but those cooler nights and evenings are starting to show up already.  That means it’s time to think about the winter heating season and that means
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Farmer’s Almanac Winter Forecast

Get your snow shovel ready. Cold, wet winter predicted. That’s what the Old Farmer’s Almanac winter forecast says for the winter of 2015-16, and their reputation is pretty good. Even your favorite Genie is amazed! So, how do they predict what the weather will be so far out you ask? Good question. According to their
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